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The Best Functional Medicine Detox Options + 10 Tips for Detoxing Daily

Detoxification as one of the biggest changes that people need to make. Too many people are counting calories and not enough are counting chemicals. A quality detoxification protocol supports the liver in facilitating the pathways involved in the processing and excretion of toxins. Most people experience an increased sense of wellbeing, improvement in pain and fatigue levels, enhanced cognitive function and moods, more effective sleep and wake cycles and weight loss when completing a functional medicine detox protocol. From beginner to advanced, these are some of the best detox programs and plans to help get you on your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Thinking of Detoxing? Make Sure You Address 5 Things First!

Most people look for a quick fix detox program to flush toxins out of the body. Most detox programs are typically useless, and unless the foundations are addressed first, the process of detoxification can be rather risky and cause more problems then there were to begin with. Before starting a detoxification protocol, make sure you address these 5 things first!

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Parasites— How I Got Rid of them Naturally with this 12 Week Cleanse and Protocol

Like many health issues, the signs and symptoms of being infected with a parasite can mimic other illnesses or health issues such as IBS, blood sugar disregulation, SIBO, candida, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, etc. Research reveals that 99.9% of Americans actually have parasites and some live asymptomatic. After picking up a parasite, I followed this 12 week protocol including herbs such as black walnut, wormwood, clove, and mimosa pudica, specific foods like garlic and pumpkin seeds, and incorporated coffee enemas, to finally get rid of the parasites.

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