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Thinking of Detoxing? Make Sure You Address 5 Things First!

Most people look for a quick fix detox program to flush toxins out of the body. Most detox programs are typically useless, and unless the foundations are addressed first, the process of detoxification can be rather risky and cause more problems then there were to begin with. Before starting a detoxification protocol, make sure you address these 5 things first!

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Top 10 Healthy Casual Dallas Restaurants

If you're a local foodie or health conscious traveler, these Top 10 Healthy Casual Dallas Restaurants will not leave you disappointed. As a Nutritionist, I wanted to find the most nutritious food spots that still tasted amazing. I narrowed it down based on personal experiences, recommendations from fellow foodie friends and whether or not the restaurant offered sustainably sourced meat and/or seafood. If you're searching for a delicious, waist-loving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, appetizer or cocktail, this list has you covered. In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite places to grab a healthy bite in Dallas, Texas.

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