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If your goal is to lose weight, balance hormones, regain energy, improve sports performance, identify food sensitivities, sleep better and finally feel like you again, I’m here to help.
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Nutritional Therapy (1, 3 & 6 Months) CLOSED until February 15th

If you’re ready to get well, lose weight, balance hormones and feel like you again, I highly recommend a personalized 1:1 nutritional therapy program! This program is ideal for those seeking extra guidance and support towards implementing diet and lifestyle changes. We will work together through an eight step protocol to help you rebalance the body by identifying nutrient imbalances and deficiencies, food sensitivities, potential outside stressors, rebalancing hormones and establishing short and long term goals, to get you on your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Consulting plans include:

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire with analysis of results and establishment of goals

  • Food Journal review with customized food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

  • Personalized Meal plan with healthy recipes

  • Unlimited email support for questions during coaching program

  • Re-evaluation of goals and progress at the end of each month

It takes 21 days to establish new habits, 90 days for new cells to form in the body and 1 decision to transform your life! I'd love to guide you on your way towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Plans range from 1, 3 and 6 months.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Jumpstart Plan

The Nutrition & Lifestyle Jumpstart plan is ideal for people wanting a plan designed specifically for them. No two plans are the same. After completing a food and mood journal, health hx paperwork and 300+ questionnaire, I will design a personalized food, exercise and supplement PDF just for you with easy to follow handouts and a 30-minute phone consult to review the plan and answer any of your questions.


Functional Evaluation / LNT

The Functional Evaluation (FE) is a process which allows NTP’s to identify organ systems under stress and prioritize support accordingly. The FE is what sets Nutritional Therapy Practitioners apart from others in the field of nutrition. It involves a series of palpations and other tests (such as pulse, blood pressure, pH of saliva, adrenal strength, mineral balance, etc.) to identify specific areas of nutritional weakness or imbalance and the clients biochemical individuality.

Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) is a biofeedback tool that enables practitioners to determine the usefulness of a nutritional supplement before it is dispensed and goes hand-in-hand with the FE. LNT accesses the body’s ability to discriminate between what it needs, and what it does not need in order to correct a specific problem. This simple and effective technique makes the difference between a generic nutrition plan and a personalized NTP protocol.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Research has shown that sensitivities to food and/or food chemicals can play a role in an array of painful symptoms and chronic health conditions. Even foods you may consider "healthy" may be causing an immune response that results in inflammation and other chronic symptoms. Diet-related inflammatory reactions typically come from one of three categories: food allergies, food-induced autoimmune disease, or food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are the most common, affecting 30-40% of the population in some capacity. 

In this session, I will test major food sensitivities, and foods you suspect potential sensitivity. We will re-test foods after 12 weeks to assess new tolerance.

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Weekly Meal Prep (Currently Full)

Desire for healthy home cooked meals, but feel like you have no time to plan and/or make them? Each week, I send a menu of food options to clients, allowing them to decide what sounds best, as well as how much or how little they need for the week. I then take the selected recipes and create a printable shopping list, where I proceed to shop for the ingredients or send the grocery list via email for those that prefer to do the shopping themselves. On the selected day of prep, I prepare and cook all of the weekly meals! 


If you’re unsure which plan is best for you, I offer FREE 20-minute clarity calls - click below.