Kelley Hicks

From the first time I met with Emily, I felt the compassion and energy she put into her work and relationships with clients.  In the past, I had always been athletic and fit and able to eat whatever I wanted, but over time, everything caught up with me. My stomach always hurt, I had cravings for processed carbs and I felt tired and not my best. I wanted to get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy, so I knew I needed to make a change to my overall health and eating habits. Emily is outstanding for her supportive and patient guidance, without judgment. She understands that everyone’s relationship with food can be distressing and/or frustrating and that poor eating habits do not change overnight. We worked on short and long-term goals and she came up with practical solutions to help me change, standing with me the entire time. Through Emily’s support and nutrition plan, I am more conscious of my food decisions, I no longer have stomach issues and all in all, I  feel better. Emily still continues to help with her compassion, kindness and supportive friendship even after our plan ended.

Emily Morrow