Jessica Bitar

From the first moment I met with Emily, I felt confident and excited to start this journey. We immediately built a short term, mid-term and long term goal to finally achieve the lifestyle I wanted/needed. I had gained some unwanted weight over the summer and I was ready to get rid of it for good. I had a New year’s eve wedding in 2 months and I couldn’t fit into any of my formal dresses. I needed to lose around 10lbs and we did it! Emily’s extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the body and how food and exercise affects our daily lives is outstanding! She helped me overcome obstacles and always had a different/better way to approach them. She helped me refine old habits, maintain consistency and helped me learn how to eat intuitively for life! I would recommend Emily without hesitation to anyone I meet. Working with Emily didn’t just change my body for good, but also my mindset so that my goals were achievable. Thank you Emily!

Emily Morrow