Beth Satterfield



I’ve got this goal like I’ve never had before. I’ve been asked a lot lately what I’ve changed. Honestly the list is long and it all started to fall into place at one time. My back started improving and a fire was lite under me and a realization happened. If I have these big goals in the gym, then why doesn’t everything else in my life line up with it as well? I worked with Emily throughout my postpartum journey. She helped me fuel my body with nutritious foods when I was nursing and had plenty of grace for me. These last 3-4 months we’ve really dialed in not just nutrition, but gut health and how well my organs are functioning in doing what they should. Im not all paleo, or whole30 or keto. I don’t count my macros but I have a good idea of where I’m at. The key here for me is to eat foods full of nutrition. I’ve upped my veggie intake to take up the majority of my plate. It’s weird when my meal deviates from the norm now. Eating clean is so much easier after weeks of pushing yourself into it. You not only see a difference but more importantly feel the difference. We also did a Functional Evaluation to see where my nutritional deficiencies where and a plan to get them on track.. I highly recommend looking into an FE to see what/where your body is off course. Once everything starts working as it should, everything else can start to fall into place.

Emily Morrow