Amy Walters

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For as long as I can remember, my relationship with my gut has been a negative one. If I wasn’t bloated, I was gassy, if I didn’t have diarrhea, I was constipated. I always had ordering anxiety at restaurants wondering if I’d be “paying for it” later by running to the bathroom. On paper I was a pretty healthy individual, so that negative relationship was frustrating to say the least. Emily’s advisement with therapeutic supplements and diet/exercise protocol really changed the way my body processes food—for the better. I was able to pinpoint certain the foods I was eating that were causing gut tribulation and damage to my digestive process, which eventually lead to realigning the acids and functions my body needs to properly digest any foods, even those I used to be super resistant to. Emily’s constant support and personal health journey made it easy to see light at the end of the tunnel and stay positive throughout the journey to a better me. I now understand my body better than ever and am forever grateful for her expertise and above and beyond investment of dedicated time and energy.

Emily Morrow