DNA Testing: Unlock your Genetic Blueprint

What is Nutriton Genome?

The Nutrition Genome DNA Collection Kit and digital Genetic Report is a non-invasive, safe, secure, and easy saliva sample for anyone to use. The kit includes a saliva cheek swab, making it suitable for infants, toddlers, adults, and seniors.

Nutrition Genome generates a custom genetic Strengths and Weaknesses section, custom DNA grocery list, Foods, Toxins and Additives to Avoid, genetically generated Recommended Blood Work and analyzes genes in 8 sections: Digestion, Methylation, Hormones, Neurotransmitters and Mental Health, Inflammation and Antioxidant Protection, Detoxification, DNA Protection, Damage and Repair and Cardiovascular Health and Athletic Performance.


What Do You Get with Nutriton Genome

  • A digital 50+ page custom genetic analysis organized into eight sections of health by email in approximately 5 weeks from the day your sample is received

  • A custom grocery list based on a combination of gene variants, enabling you to customize your diet based on your highest vitamin, mineral and compound needs

  • Foods, chemicals, toxins, and additives that are most important for you to avoid

  • Recommend blood work

View a sample report (18 of 50 pages) here.

DNA Genetic Testing.png

What Nutrition Genome Offers that 23andme Does Not

Unlike 23andme, The Nutrition Genome Report is the best evidence-based report with over 600 research studies and 85+ genes analyzed by their proprietary software Genetrition™. This analysis is the most unique nutrigenomic report on the market. Below you will find a comparison of the two!

Nutrition Genome vs. 23andme.png

*If you already purchased a 23andme DNA test, you can submit your results into Nutrition Genome and they will create a report for you!

Once you receive your DNA report, I can help you better customize a nutrition, exercise, and supplement plan that coincides with it!