Detox Plans

Three of the best Functional Medicine Detox Plans. Pick which one you feel fits your lifestyle best; for more info & 10 tips for daily detox, check out this post.

Thorne 10 day detox.png

10-Day Detox

The Thorne 10-Day Detox Protocol is designed to help your body detoxify by providing nutrients and botanicals essential to support efficient cleansing. The program also gives your body a “break” from potential allergens that can be consumed on a regular basis, as well as alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars. Choose from Mediclear, Mediclear Plus or Mediclear SGS.

Best for: beginner (protocol here)

7 day detox dr rakowski

Dr. Rakowski’s 7-Day Detox

In Dr. Rakowski’s 7-Day Detox, you consume an unlimited amount of any one type of organic green vegetable. Change your vegetable every day for 7 days.  Along with the vegetable, consume an unlimited amount of a medical food of your choice (I.e UltraClear Renew, UltraglycemX Plus 360, UltraMeal Plus 360, etc. based on goals/conditions paired with AdvaClear.

Best for: intermediate (protocol here)

Dr. Cabral 7 14 21 day detox.jpg

7, 14 or 21-Day Detox

The Dr. Cabral Detox (DCD) is “The Most Powerful, Scientifically Researched, Full-Body Detoxification, Weight Loss & Wellness System Ever Created."

This is the exact 7, 14, or 21-Day protocol that Dr. Cabral uses in his practice to help people lose weight, get well, or reverse the aging process.

Best for: intermediate/advanced (protocol here)

Once you’ve decided which Detox is best for you, contact me so I can send you recipes and helpful hints and tricks for each protocol <3