EM'S Whole Foods Shopping Guide

Shopping at Whole Foods just got a whole lot easier. I gathered a list of my go-to healthy snacks, packaged foods and specialty items to create a user friendly shopping guide for you and your family. Without further ado, here is Emily’s Whole Foods Shopping Guide.

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Some people hate grocery shopping. Personally, I love it. I can spend hours scrolling through the aisles, looking at labels, new products, etc. Whole Foods is easily one of my favorite places to shop because they carry such a variety of healthy foods, clean personal care products and supplements.

After receiving multiple messages of people inquiring for my go-to Whole Foods staples, I decided that I would create my own Whole Foods shopping list.

I hope you all love and enjoy it! Xx, Em


Always fill the majority of your cart with produce. This is going to be your fruits and vegetables. I always recommend trying to follow the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists when purchasing produce. Unless the produce is in season, I like to purchase it frozen.

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  • Siete Tortilla Chips

  • Lesser Evil Popcorn

  • Bars: Thunderbird, EPIC

  • Purely Elizabeth granola

  • Jilz Crackerz

  • Joseph’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips

  • Paleo Puffs

  • Terra Chips; only ones with avocado oil or coconut oil

  • EPIC Pork Rinds; I love barbecue

  • Simple Mills Crackers & Baking Mixes

  • Go Raw Cacao Crunch Granola

  • Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips

  • One Degree Sprouted Cereals; love the O’s, Brown Rice Crisps and Oatmeal

  • Paleonola Grain Free Granola

Condiments/Dry Goods

  • Cacao Butter (this is what I add to my Life Changing Ganoderma Latte recipe)

  • Primal Kitchen Mayo & Dressings

  • The New Primal Marinades

  • Tessemae’s Condiments & Dressings

  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil

  • Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayo; also love their condiments

  • Chosen Foods Cooking Spray

  • Siete Hot Sauce

  • Rao’s Sauces


  • Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Eggs

  • Koia Plant Based Drinks

  • Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese & Cream Cheese

  • Kite Hill Cream Cheese & Ricotta

  • Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth

  • Siete Tortillas


I prefer to get my chicken and beef from Butcher Box; the taste and quality is superior to anything you will find at the grocery store, in my opinion. This is an affiliate link; I am happy to partner with such an incredible company.

Sweets & Treats

  • Cocomel Bites

  • Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

  • Hu chocolate

  • Eating Evolved Chocolate & Coconut Butter Cups

  • Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Taza Chocolate

  • Skinny Dipped Almonds

  • Artisana Coconut Cacao Bliss

  • Free2b Sun Cups

  • Heavenly Organics Chocolate Patties

  • Justins’s Maple Almond Butter

If you can not find these items at Whole Foods, 95% of them can be found online via Thrive Market, the place I get the majority of my pantry staples. They are typically also much cheaper on Thrive than Whole Foods.

For recipes, freebies, nutrition information, updates, and more, join Emily’s community! I hope this was helpful <3



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